Scouting Events

For your next Scouting event, Jim can help you make it a magical event. Whether you're planning a Blue and Gold Banquet, a den or pack meeting, or any event involving Scouts, Jim has the experience and background to help you create a special event.

Blue and Gold Banquets

One of the most important events for Scouts is the annual Blue and Gold Banquet. It's on this special evening that scouts and their families come together to celebrate the scout's many successes. Food is shared, awards are presented, and entertainment highlights the evening.

Jim has a show designed especially for Scouts and their families. There are many Scout related effects in the program. There is a great deal of audience participation and Scouts are brought on stage to assist with the magic. Highlights include one of Jim's most popular tricks—the Cut and Restored Scout Neckerchief. Imagine the look on your Scout's face when Jim 'accidently' cuts the helper's very own Scout neckerchief in half! But not to worry, it all ends well!

And then to climax the show, Jim will cut someone from the audience in half!

The show is approximately 45 minutes in length and is guaranteed to have you laughing and amazed!

The Magic Workshop

If you're looking for a great idea for your next den or pack meeting, Jim's Magic Workshop provides an entertaining learning experience for all of your Scouts.

The workshop begins with Jim performing a 30 minute show for the Scouts. Next, he spends 30 - 40 minutes teaching the Scouts tricks that they can perform with everyday objects for friends and family. This is followed by a question and answer session where Jim further answers questions from the Scouts.

The Magic Workshop includes the magic show, the teaching session, and the Q & A session. Call Jim today to learn more!