Experience the Magic of a Successful Fundraiser

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal of having a successful fundraiser. Because we have a mutual goal, we will do more than just perform a magic show to which you can sell tickets. As your partner, we expect to share in the expense and the work it takes to stage a successful event. We offer:

In addition to Jim's work as a magical entertainer specializing in fundraisers, he has a firsthand view of what fundraising is all about from his years as a school superintendent and educator. He has been involved with fundraisers on a regular basis for many years and has developed a program to help organizations maximize profits with a minimum amount of work.

And here's the best part—the show won't cost you anything! Jim works for a percentage of the money made on sales and the more tickets that are sold, the greater your percentage of the profits.

Let Jim show you how to make your next fundraising event a magical success!

Jim Stott performing a magic trick with the help of an enthusiastic audience volunteer
Volunteers never know what they're getting themselves into with Jim Stott Magic The audience gets involved with the act with Jim Stott's Magical Fundraising Show